Fine Arts Club

Fine arts club of Vivekanandha College of Technology for women provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from one another and share their abilities in different aspects of art. Some of the events that were held under the fine arts club in recent past are:

Fine Arts Club

Rangoli competition

An intra-college rangoli competition organized on the prosperous day of Pongal in which students competing with each other. It was fun, frolic and a test of one's creativity. It was a test of self-expression and it left the observers bewitched.


This Diwali it was the students' turn to illuminate the institute which has been illuminating their minds over the last few years and they did it with finesse. In the end the result was there for everyone to see and get enraptured as the shimmering lights of diyas and candles illuminated the hostels on the holy night.

Blind Art

An event that saw students being blind folded and led by their partners to create images that followed the path laid by their imagination and guided to some extent by the initial image given to them. The results were hilarious in some but beyond imagination in few.

Magic of fingers

Who says a painter needs brush to unleash his imagination. All that was needed in this event were some water colors on one's fingers and that's how we crowned the Leonardo of finger painting.

Fine Arts Club


Take a couple of pencils, a piece of papers and mix imagination as per your limits. This is how you make a beautiful sketch and those who followed took away attractive prizes return for their sketches that will serve as memoirs of their stay here.